Ethanol fireplace

Operation of Ethanol fireplaces

Biofire ecological fireplaces offer functionality and high quality in product and aesthetics, meeting today's high standards expected for the modern dwelling


Operating an Ethanol Fireplace

Eco-friendly bioethanol fireplaces could offer decoration but also it will heat up your space with bioethanol (CH3-CH2-OH). They are both odourless and colourless and are produced by the fermenting of sugar, whereby, during the burning process, there is an emission of water vapor and the slightest amount of carbon dioxide, without any traces of toxic or dangerous substances being given off, that could prove harmful to the human body. The bioethanol is placed in a specified fuel tank which is situated inside the fireplace hearth, producing a flame when lit. The heat given off by the flames, is enough to heat an area of 20-40 squared meters and the energy produce can reach up to 4KW. The average consumption of bioethanol works out to an average of 4 hours / liter and can reach up to 6 hours / liter if the intensity of the flame is lowered.

In relation to traditional, log-burning fireplaces, ecological fireplaces have the following advantages:

  1. No chimney stack required

    Does not require a chimney stack, easy to install on either a floor or wall surface. Can be moved and transported easily, if a change of placement is required.

  2. No gas flues, no smoke, no odours

    Biofire ethanol fireplaces, whilst lit, do no give off smoke, gas flues or odours, as no wood is used during the burning process. These eco-friendly ethanol fireplaces require only Bioethanol to burn, an eco-friendly fuel which is produced by through eco friendly cultivation of crops such as, sorghum, beets, corn, wheat, hay, willow and other wood, sawdust, miscanthus and cardoon.

  3. Does not "dry out" atmosphere

    Common sources of heat, such as radiators and electrical heaters, tend to "dry out" the surrounding atmosphere. In contrary, ecological fireplaces produce water vapor and tend to relatively increase the humidity in a room. It is this very characteristic that makes it a strong contender in the use of aromatherapy, facilitating in the equal distribution of fragrance used within the surrounding space.

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